Glamour Photography New York gets more exciting with new packages and stories

Glamour Photography New York gets more exciting with new packages and stories

In New York, Fashion photography has reached a new height. With more besides more experienced photographers attempting to commercialize glamour photography, everyone can currently afford boudoir shots and vintage portraits by ease. These photographers have specific differences in their work because of their vision, creativity and skills in use of equipment. The lighting is specific for each person, the shooting equipments is particular. Their objective is fixed on making you look good. Glamour Photography New York requires a great photographer with an equally great styling and assistance team. With great prices and unsurpassable customer service, you are guaranteed to have an exquisite time shooting in New York City.

Glamour Photography New York Stories

Most of the Luxury photographers offer Story based shoots at the studio. You can fancy your own story from a host of options offered by your photographer. Extraordinary of the most popular Stories offered in Glamour Photography New York are:

• Hollywood Vintage Glamour: Black &White Hollywood Portrait inspired by the work of Georges Harrell.

• Modern Modish Shoot: Professional Magazine shoot or Model portfolio for career requirements etc.

• Boudoir Shoot: Lingerie or Burlesque, go away for the sensually appealing shots.

• Friends shoot: Unique experience with best friends. Perfect for your Bachelorette Parties.

Pricing and details like packages

Glamour photographer New York provides you with an option to select your theme or story. This will be followed by the selection of a package according to your shooting needs. Photographers in NYC are offering great prices on various glam packages. Each photographer has his/her own set about important theme packages designed on the idea of Hollywood titles, Vintage collections, Exotic items etc. These packages include couple packages, 3 people packages, Essential packages, Prize packages etc. Some of these packages offer exciting additions like Full shoot DVDs, limousine drives, metallic prints etc. Some about these photographers also offer add-ons:

• Extra Retouched (edited) Photo at about $95

• Package like three retouched portraits at about $250

• Package of five retouched portraits at about $390

• Additional Canvas prints at about $100

• Small prints at cheap rates etc.


Your satisfaction is guaranteed being the Glamour photographer New York uses all premium services and products to serve his/her clients. They generally use specialized digital camera equipment for fashion photography. With creative lighting arrangements and High end Makeup products, customer satisfaction is assured. Moreover, you enjoy the license of choice as editing polysyndeton retouch wish only nvloeden applied to your favorite photos from the entire shoot and prints will be developed spil per your convenience in reasonable time.